About Us

Over the past 100 years, the Upper Ohio Valley has seen numerous changes. However, a constant has been the involvement of the Wilson Family in the business community.

Wilson Furniture was founded by Charles Adolph in the fall of 1898. The business changed names after his son-in-law, Howard Wilson, joined the company. Since that time, five generations of the Wilson family have continued to keep the businesses open and thriving.

According to Belmont County history, Adolph prospered because he was multilingual. His father had been a German immigrant and was a language teacher with a small college in East Liverpool. Therefore, Adolph was able to converse with customers who did not speak English.

Adolph’s wife, Maggie, had also been a success in her own right in Bridgeport. She owned a thriving restaurant at the entrance of the busy C&P Railroad Depot, which was located next to the entrance to the former Bridgeport Bridge.

The son of Howard Wilson and Adolph’s daughter, Charles Adolph Wilson, founded the Wilson Funeral Home in Dillonvale, Ohio, which remains in operation today.

Their son, Charles A. Wilson, Jr., served as a US Congressman and owner until his death in April, 2013. The family business is currently operated by Jason and his wife Leah Wilson.

In keeping with the business principles established by Charles Adolph in 1898, Jason is committed to quality merchandise, reasonable prices, and exceptional customer service. From the sales team in our showroom to the delivery team that arrives at your door, our employees have the dedication and commitment to make you a customer for life. We believe in treating others with respect and courtesy, exceeding customer expectations.